Reproduction Antique Colonials For Sale

November 2nd, 2010 in Buyers by Lauren 0

A little exercise to get the wheels rotating.

In terms of architecture, when you think of the state of New Mexico…what do you think of? Adobe style, flat roofs?

When you think of California…what then comes to mind? Stucco siding, bungalow?

And when you think of New England? What do you think of? One guess.

One of the most distinctive architectural styles in the world is…yes…the New England colonial. Crafted back in the 1500 and 1600s, these homes were built often with steep pitch roofs, large center chimneys, and wood exteriors. They continued developing these homes into the 1700s, making alterations to the floorplans, extending the rear to allow for more space.

The reproduction antique colonial is very desirable in New England, because it brings back that historic charm of yesteryear, while also allowing for modern system design and structure.

Here are 4 reproduction colonials that are currently available for sale in New Hampshire.

To to get a complete list of all colonial homes in the towns you are interested in shoot us a quick e-mail at with the details, and we’ll send ‘em right over.

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.

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